Garden Maintenance

Your exterior is the first thing that greets each and every visitor to your cottage or home, so it is important for it to make a great impression upon your arrival. Great care and attention will be given to your external grounds to ensure that they make an attractive and professional statement every time.

Spring Clean Up Services: Now that the weather has finally warmed and we have a full snow melt along with road accessibility it’s time for some spring garden activity! There are many tasks to do such as; unwrap and check your trees and shrubs and check for any remedial pruning that may be required, look for uprooted or frost-heaved perennials and bulbs, check the ornamental grasses, remove old foliage from perennials that benefit from having it left during the winter, cultivate gardens where required,

Each of our clients’ properties has their own style and needs; ie; remove and set out your outdoor furniture, clean and scrub your pots, planters, and containers if needed, refill and refresh your birdbaths and bird feeders, other tasks as requested.

Our service begins in mid April to early May

Regular Garden Maintenance: We have developed a unique maintenance plan for the gardening season, for our returning loyal clients. It includes the basics such as weeding, deadheading, and staking, for both perennial and annual plant care, tidy/blow/collect/move debris from all hard services to property compost area. The application of organic fertilizer, pH adjustment, and pest control for the gardens as required. We provide services on a bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly rotation depending on the frequency of care required. As no two gardens are the same, with the correct use of horticultural techniques we can make a significant difference to the quality of your gardens.

After a new installation, we monitor that the landscape not only establishes correctly, but also matures properly for the remaining portion of the season. We offer garden maintenance contracts for the remaining portion of the season for continued plant care including; weeding, deadheading, soil pH adjustment, and garden pest control.

Our service begins in early May to Thanksgiving Weekend in October

Fall Wrap Up Services: We make sure your gardens are prepared for the winter by giving your property the thorough fall cleanup it deserves.

We will clean the leaves and debris from your gardens, cut back perennials, remove annuals, and cultivate beds if required. We do a general cleanup of your property removing leaves and debris and depositing it in your compost area. We will install burlap, white nylon mesh, and twine to protect your plants were necessary for winter protection. Pruning of shrubs is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it also promotes healthy growth and more dense foliage in spring.

This service begins after Thanksgiving weekend in October and ends mid-November.

To find out more about our garden services we offer here at Water’s Edge Landscaping please contact us.