Great landscapes begin days, weeks, and sometimes even months before the trucks, the crews, and the equipment appears at your site. Lush lawns, beautiful trees, and magnificent flowers, don’t just happen – they take time, lots of patience and careful planning. At Water’s Edge Landscaping, we spend as much time and care on this step as possible. We put more effort into the design so we can avoid problems and uncertainties down the road.

Hardscape Installation

We can recommend certified Landscape Ontario companies whom we trust to provide you with excellent service and quality work.

Softscape Installation

Now that you have the hardscape portion of your yard lets add softness and warmth with trees, shrubs, and perennials. We take great care in using high quality plant materials from Landscape Ontario certified growers and suppliers.

Garden Maintenance

Services include; spring cleanup, regular garden maintenance, fall wrap up.
Ongoing maintenance and monitoring is important for a plentiful, long-lasting garden. Regular garden maintenance can also aid in preventing pests. Garden maintenance during the growing season typically includes deadheading, watering, weeding, staking, and fertilizing.

Turf Care

On a regularly scheduled basis, we tend your lawn with properly trained personnel, and appropriate and well-maintained equipment. This service includes weekly mowing and trimming of all grass areas as well as edging along concrete walks, driveways, and patios. Of course, we thoroughly clean up the debris we cause and take the grass clippings to your compost area. Grass seed is provided for small bare/bald spots to help your lawn be thick, lush, and reduce weeds.

Other Services

Making the most of your outdoor space has never been this easy and enjoyable! Our other services include such things as: environmentally-friendly weed control, natural garden pest control, organic mosquito spray, deer deterrent, container gardening, garden art, special occasion displays.

We would be happy to discuss your unique requirements with you!