Gifts for cottagers

Buying the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge. But if you have a cottager on your gift list, you’re in luck: there’s no shortage of ways to enhance their enjoyment of the cottage or to remind them of the things they love about Muskoka.

In-Person in Muskoka

If you can get to Muskoka before the holidays, start by visiting the local shops. Every town is packed with small, independent shops, most of them run by owners who spend a lot of time and care looking for items that will appeal to Muskoka residents – permanent and seasonal alike.

Not only will these shops help you find unique gifts, but you’ll also be helping out the local economy, ensuring that local businesses continue to thrive. It might even be a great excuse to head up to Muskoka this month, and do a last-minute gift buying run.

Besides an incredible array of Muskoka-themed gifts, you can also pick up items you can’t find online, such as books by Muskoka authors (Veranda in Bracebridge has a good selection), local music (Hunter’s Bay Radio in Huntsville and Currie’s Music in Gravenhurst both sell cds by local artists), and an amazing array of locally-crafted edibles from jams to chocolates to butter tarts (pop them in the freezer to keep them at their best).

And what if a trip to Muskoka isn’t in the cards right now? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are a few more great things we’ve come across that may be just perfect for someone on your list.

Keep your toes toasty

Winter is the time when you really, really appreciate a great pair of socks. And if they show your love of the cottage, so much the better. There’s no better way to keep your toes cozy and think about the cottage than a pair of Muskoka Docksocks.

Created by cottagers, they now come in men’s dress socks as well, so you can take a little bit of Muskoka with you, even as you go into a boardroom meeting on Bay Street.

Cut and chop

For some of us, a weekend at the cottage isn’t the same without at least a bit of time spent cutting up wood or whittling a stick.

Nobody knows axes like the folks at Lee Valley, and their selection is impressive. Whether your logger likes to split kindling, fell trees or split chunks of firewood, they’ve got the perfect axe.

To give shape to something a bit smaller, you could use any sharp pocketknife or you could opt for a proper whittling knife. Flexcut produces top-quality carving and whittling tools, including a line of “jack” knives with blades that can be folded up and carried in your pocket. Great tools for a surprisingly good price.

See what’s around you

Lots of cottages have a single pair of binoculars that sit on a shelf somewhere near the window. They’re used for everything from birdwatching to star-gazing to seeing who that is out on the lake. The problem is that one pair of binoculars can’t do everything.

High-powered binoculars are great for seeing at a distance, but they’re usually too powerful and heavy for catching a glimpse of the little warbler in the undergrowth. Waterproof binoculars are right for the boat but aren’t necessarily ideal for astronomy.

The best bet is to call or visit a specialty store and chat with the experts there about what you need.

Value-added services

There’s a world of services available at the cottage, from catered dinners to on-the-dock massages to wakesurfing lessons and much more. A gift certificate for one of these can be a perfect gift, allowing your cottage friend to think about you when they use the gift as well as when you give it to them.

You can even give them the gift of landscaping services – contact us to chat about some special projects you’d like done at the cottage this summer. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

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