boats on display

September 2020 events

The fall fairs and many other events have been cancelled this year, but there are still plenty of attractions to enjoy. Here are a few of the attractions that are operating this season. Note that any that are indoors will require masks to be worn. Cruise on the Wenonah Operating from Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst, […]

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female hands holding a small yellow flower

Thank you for your support

Every year in Muskoka brings new and unique challenges, but none of us have ever faced a situation like this. We were completely shut down for weeks, at a time when we would normally be leaping into high gear. When we were finally allowed to get back to work, we had to figure out how […]

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an unearthed box in the forest

Hide and seek across Muskoka

Summer at the cottage has always included being active outdoors. Most of that time is spent in or on the water, but every now and then it’s nice to step away from the lake, go inland, and see what there is to find. The cooler days that we sometimes get in August can be an […]

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woman on a paddleboard on a lake

Staying safe at the cottage

With so much amazing weather to enjoy, it’s a great summer to share your cottage with friends and family. But doing that can bring risks. While it feels like the pandemic is winding down, public health officials warn that we still have a long road ahead of us. It was only two weeks ago that […]

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cake with fruit on top

Perfect pavlova

August is all about fresh fruit, as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all come into season. This simple and elegant dessert elevates a bowl of berries to something sublime. The dish is named for Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, whose dancing was light and elegant, like this dessert. it was invented in Perth, Australia in 1935. […]

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man and a woman in an old wooden boat on the lake

August 2020 events

Many of the typical events of summer have been cancelled, but others have found creative ways to go ahead despite the restrictions. And there are also some really innovative and interesting new things happening in Muskoka this summer. Because things continue to change, it’s best to call ahead to ensure your chosen event is still […]

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March 2020 events

TWO ROADS DIVERGED March 7-28. Inspired by the poem, The Road Not Taken, Roxanne Driedger and Marike MacDonald will show that with many commonalities, artistic expression is individual and expressed differently.  At The Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge. MUSKOKA MAPLE TRAIL March 13 to April 24. The most Canadian of culinary trails, the Muskoka Maple Trail […]

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Still time for glogg

The season is changing, but there’s still plenty of winter left. Which means still plenty of excuses to have a warming cup of glogg. Most northern European countries have some form of drink that is made from hot wine. In Germany it’s Gluhwein (a lovely name which means “glow wine”), in France it’s vin chaud, […]

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Bring a little light to the tail end of winter

Nobody can say for sure when the winter will end, but we can guarantee that there will still be snow on the ground in Muskoka this March Break. So if you’re up at the cottage with the kids, this could be your last chance to get out and play in it. If your family spends […]

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Blooms that chase the snow away

By the middle of March, we northern gardeners are chomping at the bit to get our hands into the soil. Some of us scratch the itch by poring over seed catalogues, starting seedlings in sunny windows, or just obsessively watching HGTV. Growing season for most of us is still a month or more away. But […]

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