October 2020 events

This is an excellent time to get out and enjoy some of the sights Muskoka has to offer. Many of the amazing museums and galleries are open, albeit with limitations. We featured some of our favourites earlier this year. But this is also an excellent time to enjoy the the trails and even explore some […]

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sunset over a lake

The never ending cottage season

In a typical year, this would mark the end of the season for many cottage owners. But this is not a typical year. And many cottagers have decided that Muskoka is not just gorgeous, it’s also a safe place to be during the pandemic. People are making plans to stay here into the fall, or […]

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red maple leaves

The scent of autumn

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” involves using all your senses while strolling through the forest. Forest bathers are encouraged to move slowly, paying attention to details like the shape of a leaf, the feel of a tree’s bark, the sound of the birds and the taste and smell of the air. An […]

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various plants and a stone path

Joy in a garden

Need a boost? Lush plants can help This article appeared in the summer-fall edition of Dockside magazine. When our spirits need a lift, we seek comfort in all kinds of places and things. But above all, we seek joy in our gardens. “Having a lush landscape with plenty of flowers and thriving trees – that’s […]

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tomatoes and basil

Tomato basil pasta

It’s been a great year for tomatoes – they are abundant and at their absolute peak right now. Whether you’ve grown them yourself or you’re getting them at a farm market or a grocery store, now’s the time to be feasting on tomatoes. Tomatoes are incredibly versatile, of course, and can be used in endless […]

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boats on display

September 2020 events

The fall fairs and many other events have been cancelled this year, but there are still plenty of attractions to enjoy. Here are a few of the attractions that are operating this season. Note that any that are indoors will require masks to be worn. Cruise on the Wenonah Operating from Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst, […]

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female hands holding a small yellow flower

Thank you for your support

Every year in Muskoka brings new and unique challenges, but none of us have ever faced a situation like this. We were completely shut down for weeks, at a time when we would normally be leaping into high gear. When we were finally allowed to get back to work, we had to figure out how […]

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an unearthed box in the forest

Hide and seek across Muskoka

Summer at the cottage has always included being active outdoors. Most of that time is spent in or on the water, but every now and then it’s nice to step away from the lake, go inland, and see what there is to find. The cooler days that we sometimes get in August can be an […]

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woman on a paddleboard on a lake

Staying safe at the cottage

With so much amazing weather to enjoy, it’s a great summer to share your cottage with friends and family. But doing that can bring risks. While it feels like the pandemic is winding down, public health officials warn that we still have a long road ahead of us. It was only two weeks ago that […]

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Contain your enthusiasm

Containers and planters aren’t just an option for most Muskoka gardens: they’re essential. Lush planters at the end of the dock, window boxes overflowing with vibrant blooms, and creative containers artfully placed around the cottage are part of the very essence of Muskoka landscaping. Container gardens were first used here as a matter of necessity, […]

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