sunset over a lake

The never ending cottage season

In a typical year, this would mark the end of the season for many cottage owners. But this is not a typical year. And many cottagers have decided that Muskoka is not just gorgeous, it’s also a safe place to be during the pandemic. People are making plans to stay here into the fall, or […]

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boats on display

September 2020 events

The fall fairs and many other events have been cancelled this year, but there are still plenty of attractions to enjoy. Here are a few of the attractions that are operating this season. Note that any that are indoors will require masks to be worn. Cruise on the Wenonah Operating from Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst, […]

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woman on a paddleboard on a lake

Staying safe at the cottage

With so much amazing weather to enjoy, it’s a great summer to share your cottage with friends and family. But doing that can bring risks. While it feels like the pandemic is winding down, public health officials warn that we still have a long road ahead of us. It was only two weeks ago that […]

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man and a woman in an old wooden boat on the lake

August 2020 events

Many of the typical events of summer have been cancelled, but others have found creative ways to go ahead despite the restrictions. And there are also some really innovative and interesting new things happening in Muskoka this summer. Because things continue to change, it’s best to call ahead to ensure your chosen event is still […]

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March 2020 events

TWO ROADS DIVERGED March 7-28. Inspired by the poem, The Road Not Taken, Roxanne Driedger and Marike MacDonald will show that with many commonalities, artistic expression is individual and expressed differently.  At The Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge. MUSKOKA MAPLE TRAIL March 13 to April 24. The most Canadian of culinary trails, the Muskoka Maple Trail […]

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Bringing garden ideas home

It’s easy to get jealous if you spend any time in subtropical gardens this winter. Everywhere you look you’re surrounded by gorgeous plants that just won’t grow in Muskoka. We know because we often get photos from our clients, showing us gardens they’ve seen on their travels and asking if we can create something like […]

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February 2020 events

THE ART IN ME Until Feb 28. An exhibition by the art students of Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School and Saint Dominic Catholic Secondary School. Sometimes it is easy to forget what it was like to be a teenager. This exhibition not only showcases the local emerging talent, but also allows viewers much insight […]

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Cue the trumpets

Trumpeter swans are among the world’s most magnificent wildfowl. They are enormous birds, with an eight foot wingspan and a deep, resonant honk that gives them their name. At one time there were over 100,000 trumpeters in North America, so many that early explorers said they dotted the mud flats “like lilies.” But the birds […]

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Gifts for cottagers

Buying the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge. But if you have a cottager on your gift list, you’re in luck: there’s no shortage of ways to enhance their enjoyment of the cottage or to remind them of the things they love about Muskoka. In-Person in Muskoka If you can get to Muskoka before […]

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December 2019 events

SANTAFEST Weekends to Dec. 22. Santa is always busy during the holiday season, but every year he takes a break before the big night to visit with everyone at his summer home in Bracebridge. Christmas crafts, horse-drawn wagon rides, fireside hot chocolate, and more at Santa’s Village.   GOOD LOVELIES CHRISTMAS 2019 Dec 13. Still […]

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