man buying fruit

Farmers markets return

It’s been a long time since we’ve had events happening in Muskoka, and most of the big summertime gatherings won’t be back until next year. But farmers markets have reopened, offering an excellent way to connect with food and with people. For some people, going to the market is a weekly ritual, a way to […]

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poplar trees

The lore of the poplar tree

The biggest creature in Muskoka is a clone that lives in the forest Poplars, or aspens, are one of our most common trees. Look around your cottage and you’ll probably see a group of them all growing together. But look closely and you may just find that you’re not looking at a group of trees […]

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bouy in a lake

Placing a buoy at the cottage?

Here’s what you need to know to mark hazards in your Muskoka waterway The classic bleach bottle buoy isn’t as common as it once was, but there are still plenty of private buoys on the lakes around Muskoka, marking hidden rocks or keeping boats away from water lines. If you have one near your cottage, […]

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wooden boat at a dock

The joy of wooden boats

Classic antique boats are one of the delights of summer in Muskoka Some of the finest wooden boats ever built can be spotted on the lakes of Muskoka. Aficionados know many of these classic boats by name. But even if you can’t tell a Ditchburn from a Dispro, this handy guide will help you appreciate […]

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Firework alternatives

Enjoy your cottage weekend without the bang of fireworks Fireworks are a great way to celebrate special occasions, but not everyone loves them… particularly in Muskoka, where the exploding sounds travel easily across the water, terrifying dogs and other animals as well as disturbing cottage neighbours. We understand that fireworks are a celebration, but our […]

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hummingbird at a feeder

Hummingbird feeder

Meet the bird that keeps the hummingbirds fed before the flowers open We love to hang bright red hummingbird feeders to welcome these gorgeous birds when they arrive at the Muskoka cottage in May. But without flowers in bloom, how would they feed themselves without our help? The yellow-bellied sapsucker keeps them fed. You may […]

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It’s trout fishing season

Even if you’re a complete novice, spring presents a unique chance to catch trout in Muskoka Trout fishing has a reputation for being complicated, or something that needs specialized gear. In midsummer, you will sometimes see anglers heading out to catch lake trout or rainbow trout equipped with an array of deep-water tackle, talking about […]

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garden near the waterfront

Planning garden from your travels

Whether your traveling has been real or virtual, you can still find inspiration for your Muskoka cottage garden In a typical year, many of us will visit gardens when we travel. This year, a lot of us have been getting our fix by watching gardening programs instead, planting and planning vicariously with gardeners like Monty […]

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Diy ski hills

Downhill skiers have lost a big chunk of the season with ski hills closed during the lockdown. For some enthusiasts, this has been an excuse to get out in the woods and make their own ski runs. There’s nothing new about back country skiing, of course. Long before there were groomed ski runs and high-speed […]

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Reviving a cottage classic

As the cold weather and global pandemic force us inside for the season, we are all searching for new indoor group activities. It’s the perfect time to rediscover some of the board games that have been collecting dust – or add some new ones to the rotation. Some outstanding new games have come out in […]

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