plate of fritters

Leftover squash fritters

Squash is an essential part of the classic Thanksgiving meal. It’s been a staple on North American plates for around 8,000 years. There are dozens of varieties of winter squash, and any one of them tastes delicious alongside turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. But what about the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner? Sure, you can just […]

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mug of coffee

Warmth without cocoa

Cooler September evenings are custom made for warm drinks around the fire pit. But what if you’re fed up with pumpkin spice everything, and not a big fan of hot chocolate? Don’t worry. From boozy glogg to family-friendly mulled grape cider, there are plenty of great warm drinks available. Try one of these, and you […]

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deep fried pickles

Deep-fried pickles

Craving a bit of classic pub food, but you can’t get a spot on your favourite patio? Why not bring a little pub fare to the cottage instead? If you have an air fryer or a convection oven, you can create a home-based version of deep-fried pickles, a fun pub classic. Deep-fried pickles have been […]

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bowl of cherries and ice cream

Cherries Jubilee

Celebrate Victoria Day with this classic dessert recipe For nearly two centuries, Canadians have been celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria, shooting off fireworks and having picnics on May 24 since at least the 1830s. The date is still the official birthday of the monarch, but for most of us the really significant part of […]

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Gypsy Tart recipe

With just five ingredients, this is a great sweet treat for a weekend at the Muskoka cottage  What could be better for Victoria Day at the cottage than a Victorian dessert? Gypsy Tart is sweet, simple, and incredibly delicious, using just two ingredients for the filling and three more in the simple, nutty crust. The […]

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a tray of drinks

Pour yourself a Gimlet

The century-old gin Gimlet is a great way to toast a cottage weekend Let’s celebrate Victoria Day with a cocktail that was popular when her majesty was on the throne and Britannia ruled the waves: the gin Gimlet. The drink is a classic naval drink. The British navy has a long history of supplying sailors […]

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Quiche Lorraine for Easter Brunch

This recipe celebrates all the eggy, cheesy, bacony goodness of classic Quiche Lorraine Looking for a light, satisfying and elegant Easter brunch to enjoy at the cottage in Muskoka? A warm slice of Quiche Lorraine and a fresh salad is a perfect dish to welcome spring into our lives. If you’ve shied away from making […]

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Beef leek soup

Leeks are one of those vegetables that just don’t get the respect they deserve. People have been feasting on them for thousands of years — they’re mentioned several times in the Old Testament and they were apparently a favourite of Roman Emperor Nero. From Turkey to Britain, leeks have a role in several national cuisines. […]

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fudge cake on a plate

Two rounds for good luck

New Year’s celebrations around the world always include special foods. It’s not just a matter of tradition, either: there is a nearly universal belief that the foods you eat on New Year’s Eve or Day will set the tone for the year to come. One of the most common themes involves round foods. A circle […]

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ham sliced

Glazed ham recipe

Planning to serve ham at the Muskoka cottage this weekend? Our recipe for glazed ham is incredibly easy and a great way to take this dish to the next level Because ham has been brined, it’s naturally salty. The best way to balance that out is by coating your ham with a glaze that is […]

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