Quiche Lorraine for Easter Brunch

This recipe celebrates all the eggy, cheesy, bacony goodness of classic Quiche Lorraine Looking for a light, satisfying and elegant Easter brunch to enjoy at the cottage in Muskoka? A warm slice of Quiche Lorraine and a fresh salad is a perfect dish to welcome spring into our lives. If you’ve shied away from making […]

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Beef leek soup

Leeks are one of those vegetables that just don’t get the respect they deserve. People have been feasting on them for thousands of years — they’re mentioned several times in the Old Testament and they were apparently a favourite of Roman Emperor Nero. From Turkey to Britain, leeks have a role in several national cuisines. […]

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fudge cake on a plate

Two rounds for good luck

New Year’s celebrations around the world always include special foods. It’s not just a matter of tradition, either: there is a nearly universal belief that the foods you eat on New Year’s Eve or Day will set the tone for the year to come. One of the most common themes involves round foods. A circle […]

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ham sliced

Glazed ham recipe

Planning to serve ham at the Muskoka cottage this weekend? Our recipe for glazed ham is incredibly easy and a great way to take this dish to the next level Because ham has been brined, it’s naturally salty. The best way to balance that out is by coating your ham with a glaze that is […]

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tomatoes and basil

Tomato basil pasta

It’s been a great year for tomatoes – they are abundant and at their absolute peak right now. Whether you’ve grown them yourself or you’re getting them at a farm market or a grocery store, now’s the time to be feasting on tomatoes. Tomatoes are incredibly versatile, of course, and can be used in endless […]

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cake with fruit on top

Perfect pavlova

August is all about fresh fruit, as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all come into season. This simple and elegant dessert elevates a bowl of berries to something sublime. The dish is named for Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, whose dancing was light and elegant, like this dessert. it was invented in Perth, Australia in 1935. […]

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Still time for glogg

The season is changing, but there’s still plenty of winter left. Which means still plenty of excuses to have a warming cup of glogg. Most northern European countries have some form of drink that is made from hot wine. In Germany it’s Gluhwein (a lovely name which means “glow wine”), in France it’s vin chaud, […]

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Blueberry galette

Blueberry pie is one of the delights of summer. Heck, any fruit pie is a perfect dessert when the fruit is in season. You can make pies year-round with frozen fruit, of course, but somehow they just don’t taste… summery enough. Maybe it’s because the effort that goes into making a perfectly shaped pie is […]

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A Christmas party in your mouth

Most holidays don’t have their own special baked good – there is no grand tradition of whipping up a batch of Victoria Day Jam Tarts, or a Labour Day Pound Cake. But Christmas and Hanukkah… now you’re talking sweets! From fruit cake to rugelach to gorgeous houses made of gingerbread, this is the season to […]

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Butternut squash soup with sage

Squash soup is incredibly easy and reliably delicious. To elevate yours to even greater heights, try topping the bowls with some fried sage leaves. This recipe from Deborah Madison is a nice variation. The three cheeses she offers as options are all quite different from each other: the soup would also work nicely with brie, […]

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