man holding a tray of treats

October events 2021

It’s been a rough time for event organizers, and the uncertainty continues. But there are a number of great events happening this fall, so there’s no excuse not to get out and enjoy some of them. These are a few that caught our eye. To see more, check out the listings here and here. Music […]

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plate of fritters

Leftover squash fritters

Squash is an essential part of the classic Thanksgiving meal. It’s been a staple on North American plates for around 8,000 years. There are dozens of varieties of winter squash, and any one of them tastes delicious alongside turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. But what about the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner? Sure, you can just […]

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trees in fall in front of water

Colour without crowds

The leaves are at their absolute best this week. The exact peak depends on where you are — Algonquin Park typically peaks several days before Gravenhurst, for example — but suffice it to say that this will be an amazing weekend to see the colours. And while the forecast may be calling for rain, rest […]

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blue and white Junco bird

Welcome the snowbirds

As the weather cools and winter begins to approach, Dark-eyed Juncos are starting to show up at feeders. We often see these charming birds year-round in Muskoka, but for folks to the south, they are a harbinger of winter. In fact, juncos are so closely tied to winter that in many areas they’re often called […]

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yellow daffodils

Plant bulbs for spring blooms

Winter hasn’t yet begun, which means it’s time to start thinking about spring. And that means planting bulbs. Bulb planting is one of the most satisfying of garden tasks, because it’s so unseasonable. This is the time of year when we’re taking things out of our gardens — removing the spent plants, making notes about […]

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geraniums in a pot by a window

Keeping geraniums

A lot of summer planters will soon be headed for the composter. But if you have geraniums, there’s no need to get rid of them. You can put them in storage until next spring, or even bring them in and enjoy blooms all winter long. Many of us think of geraniums as our grandmother’s flowers, […]

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island on a lake

Muskoka’s secret paddling places

There’s no better place to see the fall colours than from a ano, kayak, or SUP. And while you can paddle anywhere, there are some places that just seem to be custom made for human-powered vessels. Everyone knows about Algonquin Park, but the park can be crowded. In fact, in fall, it can actually become […]

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weeds in water

When warm water isn’t good

It used to be that swimming in Muskoka in late summer meant a dip in cooler water. But things are changing, and the lakes are getting warmer and staying warm longer than they used to. While that’s good news for swimmers, it may be harming fish and opening the doors for some nasty bacteria. As […]

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mug of coffee

Warmth without cocoa

Cooler September evenings are custom made for warm drinks around the fire pit. But what if you’re fed up with pumpkin spice everything, and not a big fan of hot chocolate? Don’t worry. From boozy glogg to family-friendly mulled grape cider, there are plenty of great warm drinks available. Try one of these, and you […]

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wooden boat at a dock

September events 2021

Some of Muskoka’s favourite events have gone virtual, while others are happening in a controlled in-person way. It’s not a typical fall, but there are still some great things to enjoy in Muskoka. These are a few of them. You can see plenty more events here. Be aware that the COVID situation continues to evolve, […]

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