a lake

Spring at the lake

Muskoka cottages have a front row view as the lake makes its annual spring flip If you’re at the cottage in Muskoka in spring, you can see all kinds of changes happening in the natural world. Migrating birds arrive, leaves and flowers emerge, frogs start to peep… and the lake flips. That last one may […]

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Gardening in planters

Hanging planters, planter boxes and other container gardens are perfect for growing flowers in Muskoka Any landscaping project at your Muskoka cottage must cope with two unalterable realities: the season is short, and the soil is shallow. We can’t do much about the length of our summers, but we certainly have options when it comes […]

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night sky over water

Stargazing at the cottage

Muskoka is an amateur astronomers’ delight. To make the most of it, try stargazing with binoculars By Andrew Wagner-Chazalon Stargazing is one of the great delights of spending time at the Muskoka cottage. In fact, it’s so good that an area just west of Lake Muskoka is Canada’s first dedicated Dark Sky Reserve. But you […]

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purple wildflowers

The delights of a fragrant garden

Scented blooms, aromatic shrubs, fragrant flowers and more can help you take your gardening to the next level. So much of our garden planning revolves around visuals. Gardeners tend to select plants for their colour, their shape, and the pattern of their leaves. This year, why not rediscover one of the oldest attractants known? Plant […]

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purple coneflowers

Don’t plant invasive species

Let’s give nature a helping hand by growing these native plants in the cottage garden There was a time when gardeners didn’t worry about planting invasive species. In Muskoka and elsewhere, we would happily fill our gardens and borders with anything that grew quickly, spread well, and didn’t have any pests. Purple loosestrife? Sure. Periwinkle? […]

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It’s trout fishing season

Even if you’re a complete novice, spring presents a unique chance to catch trout in Muskoka Trout fishing has a reputation for being complicated, or something that needs specialized gear. In midsummer, you will sometimes see anglers heading out to catch lake trout or rainbow trout equipped with an array of deep-water tackle, talking about […]

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Quiche Lorraine for Easter Brunch

This recipe celebrates all the eggy, cheesy, bacony goodness of classic Quiche Lorraine Looking for a light, satisfying and elegant Easter brunch to enjoy at the cottage in Muskoka? A warm slice of Quiche Lorraine and a fresh salad is a perfect dish to welcome spring into our lives. If you’ve shied away from making […]

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garden near the waterfront

Planning garden from your travels

Whether your traveling has been real or virtual, you can still find inspiration for your Muskoka cottage garden In a typical year, many of us will visit gardens when we travel. This year, a lot of us have been getting our fix by watching gardening programs instead, planting and planning vicariously with gardeners like Monty […]

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garden at the side of a cottage

Leaves in the garden

A great Muskoka cottage landscape involves more than just flowers. Gardening with leaves in mind will help you enjoy colour and structure all year round.  We gardeners tend to obsess over flowers, and with good reason. But a gorgeous garden isn’t just about the blooms. Leaves in the garden also serve a vital purpose, adding […]

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red squirrel on a tree

Why do red squirrels move so quickly?

A tiny force of nature, these fascinating wild animals move even faster in spring Nobody has ever described a red squirrel as laid back and casual. They seem to live with the accelerator nailed to the floor, zipping around trees and through branches with blinding speed as they race around our Muskoka cottages and homes. […]

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