geraniums in a pot by a window

Keeping geraniums

A lot of summer planters will soon be headed for the composter. But if you have geraniums, there’s no need to get rid of them. You can put them in storage until next spring, or even bring them in and enjoy blooms all winter long. Many of us think of geraniums as our grandmother’s flowers, […]

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island on a lake

Muskoka’s secret paddling places

There’s no better place to see the fall colours than from a ano, kayak, or SUP. And while you can paddle anywhere, there are some places that just seem to be custom made for human-powered vessels. Everyone knows about Algonquin Park, but the park can be crowded. In fact, in fall, it can actually become […]

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weeds in water

When warm water isn’t good

It used to be that swimming in Muskoka in late summer meant a dip in cooler water. But things are changing, and the lakes are getting warmer and staying warm longer than they used to. While that’s good news for swimmers, it may be harming fish and opening the doors for some nasty bacteria. As […]

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mug of coffee

Warmth without cocoa

Cooler September evenings are custom made for warm drinks around the fire pit. But what if you’re fed up with pumpkin spice everything, and not a big fan of hot chocolate? Don’t worry. From boozy glogg to family-friendly mulled grape cider, there are plenty of great warm drinks available. Try one of these, and you […]

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wooden boat at a dock

September events 2021

Some of Muskoka’s favourite events have gone virtual, while others are happening in a controlled in-person way. It’s not a typical fall, but there are still some great things to enjoy in Muskoka. These are a few of them. You can see plenty more events here. Be aware that the COVID situation continues to evolve, […]

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bird with a caterpillar in its beak

Gypsy moth devastation

Depending on where you are in Muskoka, you may be horrified at the way your trees are starting to look, as gypsy moth caterpillars continue their work. Then again, you may be fortunate enough that you are seeing little if any sign of gypsy moths — also known as LDD moths. This is a bad […]

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Keep on planting cilantro

Summer means guacamole season, and what’s guacamole without cilantro? This herb is easy to grow, but it does tend to go to seed quickly in the summer heat. The solution is to keep planting it in waves. Before we get into how to grow it, though, we need to address one unavoidable fact: some people […]

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people paddling a home made boat

Make your own cottage regatta

For more than a century, Muskoka cottagers have been getting together for a little friendly competition on the water. In the early years of cottage in particular, the local regatta was a social and sporting highlight of the summer – in the days when many families stayed up at the cottage for weeks or even […]

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man buying fruit

Farmers markets return

It’s been a long time since we’ve had events happening in Muskoka, and most of the big summertime gatherings won’t be back until next year. But farmers markets have reopened, offering an excellent way to connect with food and with people. For some people, going to the market is a weekly ritual, a way to […]

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deep fried pickles

Deep-fried pickles

Craving a bit of classic pub food, but you can’t get a spot on your favourite patio? Why not bring a little pub fare to the cottage instead? If you have an air fryer or a convection oven, you can create a home-based version of deep-fried pickles, a fun pub classic. Deep-fried pickles have been […]

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